Every time Isabel, my dear mistress talks about Chile her lips curl up and her mouth waters − full of saliva! It makes sense because the map of Chile she showed me looks just like a sizzling sausage.
Wooooooo, my empty belly rumbles.

Throw Pillow

Blotch the Dog...

Winner 2008

Publication Date: June 30, 2011
Isabel is the coolest two-legged I have ever sniffed. Since we met, I've been training her to have fun. But it's not easy to train a human being to enjoy life. Humans are so silly. I call them two-leggeds, simple because they stand on two feet and rule the world. Amazing, isn't it?


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I Would be delighted to visit your school, bookstore, library, hospital anywhere, any time.


Blotch around the World

Blotch has been travelling around the world and he has been visiting pawrrific places. Soon he will be posting all of his adventures; Auckland, Santiago, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Andes, Australia and much more. Follow us on facebook page and keep in touch. Woof woof


Blotch & Monica

Monica grew up in Chile and came to live in Australia twenty odd years ago.
She worked by day, wrote by night and raised her four children. She has been a teacher, saleswoman, a boring accountant and amusing clown.
She now lives in Sydney with her partner and a couple of dogs and spends her time writing children's stories.

Monica Lizama:

"When you have to go, leave your best friend with real friends because caring for the others' pet is challenging, yet 100% rewarding because to be kind is PAWRRIFIC"

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